Refreshing Summer Face Mask

Aloe Vera Leaf & Lemon Juice Face Masks

In the North East section of the US the summer heat has been brutal which doesn’t fare well for my acne prone skin. The constant sweat combined with my newish work out regimen has done a number on my face. Typically, I use your average apricot face scrub to sloth off the dead skin and dirt– but it’s just not cutting it anymore! Now enter this cooling aloe and lemon face mask. Google Images

Aloe Vera is a plant that is part of the cactus family that secrets a thick clear gel when cut open. The gel contains Auxin and Gibberellins hormones which are amazing for your skin. These hormones work together to cut down redness and inflammation while healing the skin quickly. As an extra benefit, it’s an outstanding moisturizer, and great for sunburns.

Take that acne scares and pimples!

Lemon juice is a well kept secret in the skin care world. This natural astringent is perfect for reducing oil if you have oily skin (who doesn’t in this weather?), killing bacteria, and lightening acne scars. Google Images

To create this fresh face mask you will need fresh aloe gel, which is found in an aloe leaf sold in farmers markets and whole foods, and a lemon. With a clean face, gently rub half of a lemon on your problem areas. Be sure that you do not have any open wounds to avoid a sharp stinging sensation. Next, slice off about 2 inches of aloe leaf exposing the gel and apply over your entire face. Be generous! Let the gel dry which should take about 10 minutes depending on how much gel you apply. Go sip some tea, read a book, and once you’re ready, gently wipe off the gel and juice with a warm wash cloth. I like to apply either coconut oil or shea butter as a light moisturizer right after as they absorb into the skin quickly.

Your face should feel like a breath of fresh air so take a deep breath– siggghhhhh— and enjoy!

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