Your Summer TWA

When I big chopped two years ago, the weather was shifting from spring to summer and my TWA was feeling it. The sweltering sun beaming down on your cropped curls can cause seemingly irreversable dryness. When curls are dry, they don’t have the same bounce or shine. When you toss in the pool, the beach, and adjusting to your new do, oh my! Where do we begin. We begin with 4 tips on how to keep your summer TWA fabulous:

1. Break out your humectants: Over the frigid months, you probably stored away your high level humectant products like honey and glycerin. Well, go get them! Humectants and products containing humectants will bring in the moisture from the air to your thirsty curls.

2. Load up on hair candy- When you are working with 2 inches of hair, your style options can sometimes seem limited! How do you turn your work hair into date night hair? Headbands, pins, bows, and more! Hair accessories can add that extra bling you need to brighten up your look.

3. Detangle with conditioner- With all the pool hopping and nights of accidentally falling asleep without a scarf, your defined curls can become a tangled knotted mess! TWA’s look great when the coils are shiny and defined. So, to keep them looking great, detangle your kinks with conditioner. The conditioner will make the detangling process easier and your curls softer.

4. Add an apple cider vinegar rinse to your arsenal- I can’t say enough about the miracles a simple ACV rinse can perform! Apple cider vinegar restores your scalps pH balance and gets rid of product buildup that can weigh down your curls. Its amazing! To read the quick instructions on this awesome rinse, click here

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