How I Wore My Hair Weds: Chunky Twists

It is completely gorgeous outside today! Not too hot or too chilly; it is just perfect. I had a play date scheduled with my son and my friend’s son and daughter at the zoo. So, I decided to go with a twisted up do to minimize frizz and a sweaty neck.

I created 3 individual twists in the front in the way a side bang would hang. Right behind that, I did a flat twist and another flat twist on the opposite side. The twists in the back are also individual twists. I pinned them up with about 4 bobby pins. I used the curl enhancing smoothie and a spray bottle of water.

This style is nowhere near an exact science. You can create a mix of flat and individual twists and pin them until you feel fabulous! Have fun and get creative!

How did YOU wear your hair today?


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