Hair Love Campaign- Tracee Ellis Ross

“The reason my hair was such a battle is because I was trying to make it something it was not”- Tracee Ellis Ross

The Hair Love campaign is in the air! On June 14th, actress, comedian, fashionista extraordinaire Tracee Ellis Ross proposed a simplistically beautiful idea on her Youtube channel. But before we get to that, lets talk about Ms. Tracee.

Tracee Ellis Ross is a seasoned actress and well-known for her luscious locks. You can not help but be envious when you see her bountiful curls. Yet, in this video clip, she revealed that she used to despise her hair and process it with a chemical relaxer!


Throughout her journey of self love, she learned how to appreciate her beautiful hair. There are pieces of wisdom throughout the video however there is a rather relatable piece among the rest.

Ross expresses how “tickled” she is that her hair is so inspiring BUT she does not want you to want her hair.

It’s hard, I know!

But seriously, aspiring to have a replica of someone elses hair, the same density–shine–look–color–smell, is destructive to your own journey to hair freedom.

“I wanted the hair someone else had ruining and damaging what I was given” says Ross

This idea can be applied to all aspects of life. Use others success as inspiration to find your own success.

Now, back to the campaign. Ross is asking that you go to her Youtube channel and tell her in a video response what you love about your hair. She is asking you to see pass the split ends, dryness, shrinkage, TWA phase, and instead connect with what you love about your hair.

For more information, watch the video below.


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