Working With Shrinkage– Not Against It

You can ask any woman with naturally curly or kinky hair about what they loathe the most about their hair, and most will groan the evil word shrinkage! Shrinkage happens when freshly washed hair begins to dry. As the hair gets drier, the curl tightens therefore creating an appearance of shorter hair.

After growing out your beautiful curls down to shoulder length, it is a downright travesty that no one will see it because of the awful shrinkage. While there are various ways to ward of shrinkage and stretch your curls to show of your length, the beauty of your natural curl will be compromised.

So, instead of fighting the shrinkage, work with it! Here are some tips on working with shrinkage and looking fabulous while you do it:

1. If you did the big chop when you went natural or have ever had short natural hair, channel those days. Think back to your favorite BC hairstyles and recreate them.

2. Have you ever wanted shorter hair? Well here is your chance! Rather than looking at shrinkage as a negative, look at it as a free test run for that hair cut you’ve been considering.

3. Shrinkage is great for up do’s! The curl definition looks better than braid outs or twist outs. So try out a frohawk or a super defined pony puff.

4. Make sure your hair is moisturized. Dry hair makes shrunken curls look similar to a Brilo Pad. And Brilo Pads are only cute in the sink.

Shrinkage doesn’t have to be the end all of fabulousity when it comes to natural hair! Rock your defined curls, short or long. How do work with your shrinkage?

Come back tomorrow to see how I work with shrinkage. And follow me on Instagram @youngfabnatural to see quick updates.

2 thoughts on “Working With Shrinkage– Not Against It

  1. I agree. Shrinkage used to bother me a lot but now that my hair has grown out quite a bit i see the benefit of it.



    1. Absolutely. When my hair was shorter, the last thing I wanted to do was hide my length. But now that my hair is longer, I definitely don’t mine shrinkage sometimes.


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