Length vs Quality– When Long Hair is Too Long

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There is a clear societal standard that women with long hair– no matter the quality– are beautiful. Long hair is ethereal and sexy while short hair elicits authority and confidence. With so many stipulations and assumptions based on our hair, how is a lady supposed to decide?

Well, Long hair is most certainly not the end all be all. While long hair can be gorgeous, it can also be stringy, bland, boring, and overall– frumpy.

Frumpy does not equal fab!

How do you know when it’s time to make an appointment to trim those strands? Here as some clear tell-tell signs:

1. Your hair starts out full near the top but tapers down to thin and stringy half way down. This is usually an easy to spot when your hair is wet from being wash.

2. Your hair is so long that you literally can’t do anything with it aside from your go to style. If you find yourself wearing your hair in the same ponytail everyday– work, parties, dates– do yourself a favor.

3. You’ve never had hair that was shoulder length– for the sake of something new. You might cut your hair, look in the mirror and be completely mortified OR you might be completely titillated. Hmmm…

4. Since it is so long, you don’t have the energy it requires to maintain it which leads to sad-looking hair. Just the thought of washing and styling your hair requires a Gatorade!

So do your hair a favor and cut a few inches. Remember, hair grows back. That’s what it is created to do! Try an inverted bob, pixie cut, shoooooot, try a RiRi inspired style this summer. Long and short hair are beautiful, when maintained.

2 thoughts on “Length vs Quality– When Long Hair is Too Long

  1. I love short hair. I’m so sick of the long hair look. It’s everywhere and it’s time for change. Women get so attached to their hair and too many of them think because it is long it is pretty, when really, most of them would look so much better with short hair. I can’t wait for it to come back in style so we have some variety again.


    1. Yes!! Long hair does not directly correlate to beautiful hair. This is especially true when the hair is pass the arm pit length! The ends are usually thin and dead. Of course some people of beautiful long hair but it is so important to be able to be honest with yourself. Short hair has a bad rep! I love it!!


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