Postpartum Natural Hair

After nine long months, your body has performed the most magical process of creating a wee one. After performing such a miracle, your body needs some serious R&R. Your hair, of course, is no exception.

During pregnancy, your body is creating extra estrogen. Thanks to the hormonal boost, you have less shedding which means more strands that are thicker and stronger. I mean, you deserve it right?

Well, after your wee one makes their debut, your hormone levels start to go back to normal. With your normalizing hormones, your hair begins to normalize too. That means buh-bye luscious locks!

Around three months postpartum, your extra strands start to fall out all at once. The first time you see the colossal clump of fallen strands in your comb, you might feel the tears welling up in your eyes.

Don’t worry– it doesn’t last forever.

Most women, according to, are done with their torrential downpour of hair by the time their little one is around nine months to a year old.

There are a few ways you can curb some of the effects of postpartum shedding

1. Shedding typically happens at the temples with women that have naturally kinky hair, even if it is processed. With that being said, you should protect your hair-line and temples with everything you have! Before you go to bed at night, apply castor oil along your hair-line. It will help with thinning and dryness. Castor oil is very thick so a little goes a long way.

2. Be sure to use a brush (I suggest a Denman brush) or wide toothed comb daily to clean out all of the shedded strands. This will prevent tangling and knots from forming.

3. Put your hair in loose styles to prevent extra tugging. This will limit the extra stress on your strands.

4. Keep your hair moisturized! Dry hair breaks off and who needs that?

5. Employ side bangs and head bands to camouflage your thinning edges.

6. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and continue to drink plenty of water. It can only help!

What have you natural mommies done to help with postpartum shedding?

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