Emergency Kit


One of lifes most daunting feelings is when you are miles from home or a Rite Aid and your one and only hair tie breaks. Though you might not have needed a hair tie initially, suddenly, because you don’t have one, your hair will look like a crazy mess unless swept up into the hair tie that is no more.

Seriously heartbreaking!

This has happened to even the most prepared ladies out there. But, fear no more! I have a tried and true solution to this problem. It’s called an emergency kit.

The emergency kit is a change purse sized pouch or container that has your hair essentials. Your emergency kit should be specific to your needs of course. So, if your hair gets frizzy, include a sample size of anti-frizz serum. However, you do need a few basics that every girl, curly and otherwise, will probably need in case of a hair emergency.

The emergency kit is not an exact science but the basics should include 5 sturdy hair ties, 5 cushioned bobby pins, a cloth hair band, and a small sample size of moisturizer. With these things, there is no way you can’t preserve a hair disaster.
A few things that I like to keep in my emergency bag are chapstick and a pair of stud earrings because I always forget to put on earrings!

Now go make your emergency kit for those rainy days, long nights, and unexpected sleepovers.

3 thoughts on “Emergency Kit

  1. You know what, I have an emergency sewing kit but not an emergency hair kit and my hair LOVES to misbehave Lol. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Sure thing! My hair is infamous for changing midday and sometimes it is not so flattering!


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