Product Junkie Rehab


We have all been there right? We make the first big step which is deciding to go natural. Once we wrap our heads around that idea, the next thing we do is run out and buy every product that comes in a shiny container that promises to give your hair bounce, shine, spunk, and whatever else we desire. The more expensive it is the more you think you need it. Next thing you know they are calling you by name at the Rite Aid and presenting you with the most loyal shopper award. Before you get there, save yourself some money and frustration. Being a product junkie can break your pockets as well as yield little to no results for your hair which will lead you to the “MY HAIR IS NOT GROWING” club. So, save yourself the drama. But if you have already gone down that road, alas! There is hope for you too! Here is a step by step guide for shaking your bad habit:

Step 1. First things first. Bring all of your hair products to one central spot. This allows you to take in the magnitude of your problem. There’s no denying an arm-chair full of leave in conditioner. Once you have all of your products together, group all of the shampoos together, conditioners together, moisturizer, etc.

Step 2. By this stage, you should know what has worked for you and what has not. Separate the “Phenomenal” products into a pile and the “This Did Nothing” products into another pile.

Step 3. Throw the “This Did Nothing” pile in the trash! This may seem harsh and you may be saying in your head “That’s a nearly full bottle of that crappy product that did nothing for my hair but make it smell like sweet pea”. While this may seem wasteful, you have no use for these products. They do not work for your hair. You have already spent your money on them so the only thing you can do is promise yourself you will never buy it again. Or if you have someone in mind that might benefit from it better than you did, donate it!

Step 4. With the products you have left, determine which ones were good enough for you to repurchase. Sometimes you buy a product and it does not live up to your expectations but is still worth using the rest of. Figure out which ones those are for you.

Step 5. Do not buy any more hair products until you finish up the products you have. No matter what that little money spending voice in your head tells you to do when they see that shiny label, DON’T DO IT! Now, finishing up your products may seem like a daunting task if you have 15 different shampoos. But, you don’t have to finish the ones that were not phenomenal if you don’t want to. Plus, the products you do choose to finish will help save you a few– or a lot of money.

Step 6. Once you are done with your products and are ready to re-enter the world of products, try a new approach. First, remember the products that did not work and the products that were not phenomenal. Your hair deserves only phenomenal products. Secondly, when buying a new product, try to find the sample size of that product before committing to the gallon value size. You will save your self some disappointment.

Now go rustle up your products and make some adjustments. Tell me what your favorite, tried and true phenomenal products are that always warrant a repurchase!

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