5 Ways To Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of nature’s treasures. Aside from being delicious, it can perform miracles on your hair and skin! Here are 5 fabulous ways to use your olive oil:

1. Hot oil treatment: Sometimes, your curls can feel dehydrated and all out crispy. A hot oil treatment using just olive oil can restore the moisture in your hair and give it an unbelievable shine.

2. In your shea butter mix: Every curly girl knows that shea butter in its raw form can transform dry and damaged hair into bouncy soft curls. Throw in some olive oil for an intense moisturizer that can battle even the driest hair days.

3. In your shampoo & conditioner: The sulfates in shampoo can often times dry your hair out while cleansing. Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to pump up the moisture in your shampoo and conditioner.

4. On your skin: Olive oil can have the same moisturizing effects on your body as it does in your hair. Use it as a body oil after a shower during the frigid winter months to keep skin touchable & soft.

5. In your body wash: Don’t just put it on your skin after the shower! Bring the moisture in the shower from scalp to skin. While body washes can be labeled with promises of shea butter and olive oil moisturizing properties, they are usually packed full of chemicals. So why not throw in your own olive oil to ensure you’re getting the moisture your skin needs!

Olive oil is amazing! Tell me the great ways you use your olive oil!!

1 thought on “5 Ways To Use Olive Oil

  1. I love olive oil to cleanse my face with every morning and night. It’s also really good on cuticles and nails! 🙂


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