Cleaning Your Hair Tools & More


Cleaning your hair tools can often times fall by the wayside when there are curls to be tamed. While we are all guilty of it, dirty hair tools can lead to pesky hair issues that are preventable. Here are some simple guidelines to keeping your hair tools squeaky clean:

Rule 1. Clean your hair brushes and combs once a month. Since most natural hair chicks don’t use flat irons very often, it can be cleaned after each use to prevent the grime from setting in between uses.

Rule 2. Use your shampoo to clean your tools. Not only will the shampoo be gentle, it will also prevent chemicals from being distributed through your hair. The pleasant smell is a nice bonus too!

Rule 3. Make sure your tools are completely dry before storing them to prevent bacteria from growing and creating a funky smell.

Now for the low down on how to clean your items:

1. Brushes- First run a comb through your brush to collect the dead hair. Next, apply some shampoo on top of the bristles and let it sink down to the base. If possible, run your finger between the bristles to throughly clean out the gunk and grime. Lastly, wipe the handle clean and gently towel dry the bristles.

2. Combs- First you want to remove the dead hair out of your comb. Next, apply your shampoo to the comb along the teeth. With a hand towel, floss out the grime from between the teeth and follow up by rinsing. Finish off by gently drying off your comb with a towel.

3. Flat Iron- Heat your flat-iron so that it is warm, NOT hot, to the touch and then unplug. Next, with a damp hand towel that has a small amount of shampoo, wipe the plates clean. Make sure you get the sides and edges. Finish up by drying off the plates.

Eventually, your hair tools will become worn down from frequent runs through your curls and may cause breakage. When your brushes have a cracked back, broken tips, or your combs have missing teeth, it is time to lay your tools to rest permanently.

1 thought on “Cleaning Your Hair Tools & More

  1. Great post!! This is really helpful!! I’m not a hair tools person, but I know many are and this is great advice! So, I’ll definitely be sharing. The one thing, all hair is dead, so it’s really the shed and broken hair that is being removed from the items. But again, awesome and very helpful post!!



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