“Cold” Hot Oil Treatments

You wake up this morning to your hair feeling like dried Roman Noodles and your first thought is to do a hot oil treatment. Well after an hour of rummaging through your bathroom cabinets, you can’t find an applicator bottle ANYWHERE! While this can be terribly frustrating, there are 4 great ways around this problem.

1. Sandwich Baggie Method: Fill a sandwich bag about 2 quarters of the way with your favorite oil(s). While you are doing that, have a bowl of water heating up in the microwave or on your stove top. Once your water is hot, not a rolling boil though, place the bag in the water for about 5 minutes. Your oil should be warm but not hot enough to burn your scalp. Snip off just enough of the bottom corner to allow for a small amount of oil to leak out. Test the temperature on the back of your hand and if it is to your liking, start your treatment.

2. Blow Dryer Method: Section off your hair into manageable portions. Next, shingle the oil through each section. Be sure to pay close attention to the scalp and the ends of your hair. Roll each section into small buns and throw on a shower cap or plastic bag. Grab your blow dryer and turn it on medium heat. Rotate the dryer around your head. The heat from the blow dryer will warm the oil. You should be able to feel the warmth through the cap or bag but not to the point of burning. We don’t want to fry your curls. After at least 35 minutes, you can either wash out the oil or let it sit for a while.

3. Shower Method: Section off your hair into manageable portions. Shingle your hair with the oil. Make sure you concentrate on the scalp and ends like in the previous method. Next, throw on a shower cap or plastic bag and take a warm shower preferably with the door closed. The steam and heat of the shower will warm the oil and add moisture to your hair. You can wash out the oil at the end of your shower or allow it to continue to penetrate.

4. Long Method:Follow the shingling steps of the previous two methods. Once again, pay close attention to your scalp and ends. Put on a shower cap or plastic bag and go about your day. You can clean your house, eat lunch, or dance to Prince in your tighty whities; this intermission portion is totally up to you. While the oil will not be hot, the plastic cap or bag will help it penetrate into your hair much like a hot oil treatment. Once you have danced your heart out, rinse out the oil.

*When you are washing out the oil, don’t wash all of it out since that would defeat the purpose. Depending on your hair and preference, you can try to co wash the excess oil out rather than using shampoo.*

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