5 Ways To Dress Up Your Transitioning Hair

Once you have made the decision to go natural and do so by transitioning, you may be concerned about how to maintain your inner diva while nurturing your new curls that are sprouting. About 5 months in to a long-term transition, you may even feel like you have fallen into relying on the same 1 or 2 go to styles. While long-term transitioning can be tough, you can absolutely maintain your sex appeal while going natural. Here are some key ways to have a succesful transition while looking great.

1. Try some protective styles- This can be anything from Poetic Justice braids for a few months to a sew in weave. Choosing the option that fits your style is the fun part so explore! It’s important, however, to make sure that your hair is taken care of underneath. For long-term protective style, be sure to keep your hair clean and moisturized.

2. Try styles that incorporate your new curls- Take a trip to your local beauty supply store and grab some perm rods and curl formers and go to town! Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just stumble upon that style that carries you throughout your transitioning period.

3. Hair candy!- Get well acquainted with headbands, flowers, pins, scarves and so on. They will come in handy when you want to spice up your transitioning styles.

4. Use your trimmings as a chance to experiment- When you get your monthly trims, use those times to spice up the shape and style of your blossoming hair. Try a bob, side bangs, asymmetrical, so on.

5. Confidence- This is the best way to dress up anything at any time. Have confidence in knowing that this time next year, your natural hair will out weigh your permed hair and reaching your goal will be that much closer. Feel confident in the fact that every day that you continue to transition is one day closer to where you want to be and one day further from where you were. Transitioning can be harder than the big chop but just as rewarding.

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