Natural vs Organic Products

It is 1pm in the afternoon and you are in your local beauty supply store searching for a new moisturizer for your hair. While browsing, you are making sure to take note of all of the ingredients listed on the label. After about 15 minutes of browsing, a pattern begins to emerge. Every other jar claims to be either all natural or organic. You stop and wonder what the difference is if there is a difference at all and are the words natural and organic interchangeable?! More importantly, does it even matter? Well, of course that is for you to decide but hopefully this will guide you in the right direction.

Organic products, hair and otherwise, have to adhere to a strict list of rules given by the USDA. These products have to contain at least 95 percent organically produced products in order to receive the golden label of being organic. The ingredients in the products have to be organically produced and processed. Organic products are regulated by the USDA which helps to weed out all of the organic wanna-be products.

Natural products follow a different set of rules. These products do not have to adhere to any rules from the USDA. With that being said, companies that want to slap an “All Natural” label on their products can do so without fulfilling any requirements. This may be why a tube of natural tea tree oil that is sold at the beauty supply store can also contain 5 other ingredients that may or may not be natural. But natural products are not all bad. They may contain mostly natural ingredients but not be able to obtain the level of being organic.

All in all, organic products have to prove themselves to the mighty USDA in order to be considered organic while natural products have more wiggle room in its definition.

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