Natural Diva’s Summer Beach Bag Essentials!

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Besides a good read and a fabulous bathing suit, a natural diva needs to pack her beach tote with all the essentials to keep her hair looking flawless. Whether you plan on staying on the shore like a beautiful beached mermaid or taking a dip, these essentials will keep your hair looking as good as you do!

1. A Light Moisturizer– This can be a spray bottle with a 1/4 coconut oil, 1/4 vegetable glycerin, and 2/4 water or Shea Moisture’s Curl Smoothie. Either way, a light moisturizer will replace the moisture you will lose swimming around in the salt water. And we all know that moisturized curls always look great.

2. Pins, Headbands, & Scarves– These are essential for boardwalk fun. You can use the bobby pins to create a sleek up do with your wet curls, the headband to create the go to pony puff, and a scarf if you don’t feel like doing much of anything besides tying your hair up in a chic turban.

3. Sun Hat– This item is great whether you get in the water or not. It looks fab on land and sea. You can rock it on top of your pinned up wet curls or let your kinky curly fro fall around your face and use the hat as a cute accessory and protector from the sun.

4. Brush–  This item is for those lovely ladies that get their hair wet and want to wear their hair up. The brush will allow for a sleeker look. Other wise, simply finger detangle your hair to limit the chances of frizz.

5. Old T-shirt– Bring this to dry off your hair after taking a dip instead of a towel. Terry cloth towels cause frizz rather than eliminate it.

6. Gel- Gel will give your curls more definition and hold. Opt for an alcohol free gel like Kinky Curly Curling Custard to limit excessive dryness due to the salt water.

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