Creating a Regimen For Your Natural Hair

A regimen is just a fancier way to say a schedule of how you take care of your hair. You may be thinking “Why do I even need a schedule?! It is just hair!”. While this is true, many women who have regimens find that their hair tends to stay healthier for longer.

Regimens can come in many different forms as well. Right now, you may wash your hair every Sunday and deep condition once a month. That on its own is a regimen that your hair responds to. By being consistent, you are basically training your hair. A regimen for your hair can be easily compared to a schedule for a baby. If a baby is woken up every three hours to eat, he will eventually start to wake up every three hours on his own. Similarly, if you deep condition every month consistently for six months and stop, your hair will show signs of needing to be deep conditioned like being excessively dry.

Now that you are all clear on what a regimen is, how do you know which regimen is right for you? Well, there aren’t regimen templates that you can just insert yourself in to. You have to consider what you are able to keep up with, what your hair needs, and how often it needs it. Here is a questionnaire for you to consider when creating your own regimen:

1. How often do I need to wash my hair?

2. Does my hair need to be conditioned every time I wash it? If not, how often?

3. Does my hair respond well to deep conditioning?

4. Which moisturizers keep my hair from being dry the best?

5. How often do I need to moisturize my hair in order for it to stay moisturized?

Here is an example of what a person’s answers would translate to:

1. Wash once a week

2. Condition ever time I wash so once a week

3. My hair responds moderately to deep conditioning

4. Shea butter and coconut oil mix keeps my hair well moisturized

5. I like to moisturize it every 2 to 3 days

Regimen: Wash once a week, Condition once a week, Deep condition once a month, Moisturize with shea butter and coconut oil every 2-3 days.

This sample regimen is very simple which may be the case for many of us. However, you may do other things that you might want to add to your regimen like trimming your ends, using a heated cap, etc. When creating your regimen, you also want to remember to try to use the same products consistently. By using 12 different shampoos, your hair will never have a chance to catch up and respond to each. Try to stick with the shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer that your hair loves the most. Remember, your regimen is based on your hair. If your hair does not need a complex web of conditioning and trimming, then it is ok. Count yourself lucky that your hair can look completely fab with little effort!


3 thoughts on “Creating a Regimen For Your Natural Hair

  1. Michele Farquharson August 1, 2012 — 3:24 am

    I have 3b/4a curls:) I mostly do wash n go’s and I maintain them by doing the pineapple method at night an then spraying water on them in the morning to refreshed the curls… I deep condition every three days because the weather where I am reaches the high 120’s and it rlly dries my hair. I had to cut 1in 1/2 2 weeks ago as a result from the heat. But my question Is my regimen if DC every 3 days too much? Wat am I doing wrong… I dnt use shampoo anymore i use WEN and I use silicon mix now and it makes my hair like butter I love this stuff:)


    1. 120 degrees?! That sounds intense! But the only way that deep conditioning can become to much is when:
      1. Your deep conditioner is a protein treatment. Protein treatments can be great for your hair in moderation. Otherwise, your hair can become dry and brittle and have the opposite result.
      2. If you deep condition too much, you might start to experience extra build up on your scalp that may force you to wash more often and therefore never benefit fully from the deep conditioner.
      3. Your hair can also become used to the deep conditioner. After a while, the deep conditioner will not leave your hair as moisturized and soft as it did the first time. I find this to be most common with store bought deep conditioners.

      With that being said, I would deep condition once to twice a week depending on how hot it is. Your hair needs the moisture but you also do not want to over do it. Also, try protective styles on days that the temps reach the 120’s to help retain as much moisture as possible. Also, moisturize your hair after you wash it while its damp and not soaking wet or bone dry to help retain which ever moisturizer you use. Limit your wash and gos to a few times a week as well. They are quick but can leave your curls feeling like dried roman noodles when done excessively. Hope this helps!


      1. Michele Farquharson August 13, 2012 — 5:35 am

        Thnx… Yea I just cut off all the dead ends and I just recently started using silicon mix and I use wen as my shampoo:) the results are beautiful and I have actually blow dried mohair to see if my products actually worked!!! And they did!!! I find tht blow drying my hair and using sweet almond oil as my heat protectant allows me to style my hair protectively… I’m in the marine corps and wearing my hair daily in a bun and not allowed to have any fly always is very harsh.. But with my new regimen I am pleased!!!! But once every 2 months I will wash my hair with an actual shampoo to cleanse any buildup from the silicon mix conditioner if any…


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