Natural Hair Tips & Styles for Rainy Days

With the spring time comes the rainy days especially if you live in the North Eastern region of the country. The weather can go from sunny to stormy in a matter of hours. So what is a natural diva to do when the rain is pouring? Well, many critics would like to take this moment and sneer at the fact that women with natural hair claim to be able to rock their locks rain or shine. While this is completely true, no one enjoys having a soggy style, permed or not! But there are some great styles that are perfect for looking absolutely fabulous during these spring showers. So lets start with the basics:

Basic rainy day hair tips

1. Always opt for the up do. While you may think that your hair is perfectly coiled when you wake up, the moisture in the air will yield a completely different hairstyle. However, you may still love it… Or hate it.

2. Minimize your glycerin products for that day if you use them on a daily basis. As we all know, glycerin is a wonderful product that brings moisture to your hair which is awesome when it is not raining. Too much glycerin can turn a beautifully glossed and moisturized style into a soggy frizzy mess.

3. If you are rocking a TWA, steer clear of the wash-n-go for the day. Since it is raining, you may find that your products and all the care that you have taken to craft perfect curls is being washed away. Instead, try spritzing your hair with a little cool water to reactivate your curls and a small amount of product if necessary.

4. Rainy days are prime opportunities to get creative with your scarves. Try a turban or a big bow. They will look fabulous and provide added protection against the stormy weather.

Here are some prepackaged rainy day styles:

 1. The pony poof- This is a natural girls go to style. It looks great and since all of your hair is all together, the rain has very little effect on your style.

 2. Turban- This is great for when you want to cover most or all of your hair especially if you finally mastered the perfect twist out and don’t want it getting all frizzy and wet.  

3. A Creative Pin-Up Style- You can do something simple like part the hair horizontally and pin-up the back and pin back the front and sides. Or you can add twists and braids and get as creative as possible!

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1 thought on “Natural Hair Tips & Styles for Rainy Days

  1. Helo…these rainy day hairstyles are very helpful to prevent hair damage in a rainy day….


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