3 Ways to Preserve Twist-outs, Braid-outs and more!

Preserving your perfectly fluffed and defined braid-out, twist-out, or flat twist-out is the last step in creating your style. There are 3 tried and tested techniques that YFN loves. Some preserve your style better and for a longer time while others hold your curl but give you a more fluffy and big look. So, let’s get to it!

1. Re-braiding or twisting- This technique will obviously take quite some time each night. However, re-braiding or twisting your style the same way you braided or twisted it the first time is the number one way to ensure you will preserve the exact hairstyle. When re-braiding, you want to make sure you re-moisturize as well since your hair has soaked up all the lovely products you originally put on it. Unless your hair is tangled, there is no need to comb through your hair. Just grab a sizeable piece, moisturize, and braid. Your style’s life: 2-7 days

2. Large braids or twists- This is a quicker version of the first method. While this will not yield an exact replica, you will still have a defined look that is a tad bit bigger. Re-moisturize all of your hair and braid/twist 4-5 sections and make sure you seal the ends with your choice of moisturizer. Once again, there is no need to comb through the hair unless it is tangled. Your style’s life: 2-4 days

3. Pineapple- The pineapple is my personal favorite because I like my hair big and it is the easiest after a long day.Start by moisturizing your hair. Then separate your hair into reasonable sections which depends on your length and thickness. Secure each section of hair in a hair tie in the direction of which it is styled. So, if you have a side bang, secure that bang towards the side and front so it can still hang down the next day. Moisturize your ends and put on your bonnet. For your really dry hair days, spray a light mist of water before putting on your bonnet. Your style’s life: 2-3 days

3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Preserve Twist-outs, Braid-outs and more!

  1. I just did a braid out and was sitting here thinking, how the heck am I going to make this last another day! Thanks–I’m going to try the larger braids 🙂


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