The Importance of Setting Goals When Going & Staying Natural

Going natural is supposed to be an uplifting and enlightening process for those of us who choose to take on the challenge. However, it is just that: A Challenge. In the beginning, it can be a struggle for some of us natural divas-to-be. You’re learning your new hair, how to style it and getting used to the way it looks with the way you look. I even dare to say, you might be contemplating going back to the creamy crack. Well, the process is different for everyone but one thing that could make it a bit easier for transitioners and TWA’s is to set GOALS!

When you set goals, you are able to feel like your hair is achieving what you want it to achieve instead of feeling like you are on the express train to nowhere. When you are setting these goals, keep a few things in mind.

1. Make sure your goals are realistic- When you read the word realistic, you might automatically assume that means don’t expect to grow your hair down to your ankles ever. Of course you can if you want to. However, it is not realistic to think you are going to reach that large goal in just a year or two.

2. Be specific with your goals- When setting your goals, make sure you are crystal clear about what you mean and when you mean to achieve it. By doing this, you will absolutely know when if you have achieved your exact goal.

3. Identify what is important to you, not someone else- Make sure you identify the goals that are important to you. Whether that means getting your hair healthy by May 25th. Or if it means growing out your hair color to start over again. While your goals may seem small and unnecessary to someone else, remember that they are important to you!

4. Recognize your success once you reach a goal- What’s the point of setting a goal if you don’t acknowledge your achievement once you reach it? So once you reach your goal of transitioning or growing your hair to a certain length, celebrate! Take a picture and post it on Instagram or Facebook and show the world how great your journey is going.

Goals are important when going and staying natural. If you have just started your journey or feel like your journey is at a stand still, take out a piece of paper and list some hair goals with dates and get ready to check them off as you achieve them.

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