Creators of ‘Mixed Chicks’ Sues Sally’s Beauty Supply

The creators of the popular curly girl hair product ‘Mixed Chicks’, Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge, have set out to sue major beauty supplier Sally’s Beauty Supply for copyright infringement. Levy and Etheredge are claiming that Sally’s Beauty Supply’s new product, Mixed Silk, is using their distinctive look– from the color of the actual product to the type of packaging and name– in order to attract customers.

This question has come up: Do Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge have a case? Some legal professionals say that the case may be weak because Sally’s Beauty Supply has created a knock off or store brand version of their product. This practice is quite common in the retail industry. However, Sally’s Beauty Supply has not only created a similar product to pass off as a knock off, they have used many small and large details to create an almost identical product. This case begs the question: Do small business owners have to continuously fear being ripped off by a bigger company and fight for their rights to their products? Take a look at the products and you decide!

1 thought on “Creators of ‘Mixed Chicks’ Sues Sally’s Beauty Supply

  1. Frankly, I think the Mixed Silk bottle looks far more appealing. =/

    Really, though, I think they’re being quite silly. I have a vanilla-scented body wash that looks JUST like both bottles. Even the color of the soap is the same. Some people are just silly.


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