Scarves, Scarves, Scarves— Using Them on Your Natural Hair

Scarves are a great way to dress up your natural hair or hide a bad hair day before it begins. You can tie them, twist them, twirl them, and so much more to show your creativity. Scarves are great for the winter time to keep your head warm and your curls protected from the harsh cold. They are also wonderful for the summer time to pull your hair out of your face during the long days and steamy nights. Even more than that, they can instantly add a bit of style to your outfit effortlessly. But what if you are stumped for ideas? Here are a few to get you rolling.

1. Tie your hair up in a turban- You woke up this morning and you only have enough time to fix the front of your hair. Plus, its miserable weather. Grab a satin scarf that you love and tie the up the back of your hair with your front bangs hanging out or tuck them in to create a pompadour.

Provided by Google Images

2. Fold up your scarf and tie it as a head band- To add a fun punch of color to your outfit or to sweep your hair out of your face this up coming summer, tie your scarf as a head band. You can get creative by tying a bow on the side or leaving out a side bang. You can even braid three thin satin scarves together and wear it as a braided head band. There is no wrong way to do it.

Provided by Google Images

3. A knitted scarf this winter can do your TWA wonders- Hurry! Go grab your most luxsurious knitted scarf and most beautiful statement earrings this winter if you have a TWA. The combination will frame your face and your TWA will look more outstanding than it already does. Plus your neck will be warm but that is just an extra perk. To make an even louder statement, throw on some bright red lipstick!

Provided by Google Images

The best way to wear your scarf is the way that describes your personality! Whether that is a turban, knitted scarf or a creative way that you have come up with. Tell me the great ways you wear your scarf on or with your natural hair!

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