Is ‘Going Natural’ For Everyone?

The vlogger Sunshinelovespeace proposed a question that many of us natural divas might consider ridiculous. Going natural is right for every woman; isn’t it? In this video post, Sunshinelovespeace suggests that confidence is absolutely necessary in order to go natural successfully. When a woman makes the decision to ditch the perm, it is likely that negativity will come from many different directions. Your boyfriend might tell you that he doesn’t like short hair during your TWA phase. Your mom might beg you to make an appointment at the hair salon to relax your kinks. You have to be prepared for all of it. The people in your life are not obliged to support your decision and if you are not ready for some negativity, it could have you completely rethinking the idea of going natural.

The fact is that going natural is not the norm as of right now. Therefore, it makes it easy for those of us that are not quite settled with our decision to be discouraged by negativity. So does this all mean that natural hair is more suited for one person opposed to another person? That is up to the person going natural to decide. She has to know if she is able to withstand the negativity and remain confident. Going natural is not yet for the woman who is unsure about going natural until it is a norm. Many of us run back to the security of a relaxer because it is socially acceptable and easy. going natural is not easy for everyone and runs deeper than wanting to change your hairstyle and requires confidence above all. Without it, going natural will seem impossible. Tell me what you think about this.

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