4 Halloween Ideas for the Natural Diva!

So it’s that time of year again to put on your scariest or sexist costume and party in the name of all hallows eve. If you are like me, you might be wondering “how can I rock my natural fro’ for on Halloween?!”. Well don’t you worry your naturally curly head any longer! I am here with some awesome Halloween costumes that either incorporate the fro’ or make it the center of your costume! So here are some ideas:

1. A cat or even better, a LION!- This should be an obvious one. Lions have big beautiful manes and we have big (or small) beautiful fro’s. Can it get any easier. So go out and get yourself a fuuurr-tatstic costume and pic that fro’ to know end to create a beautiful mane. A blow out would probably work best for this costume.

2. Miss Foxy Brown Cleopatra- This 70’s chick rocks the fro’ like no other. And even better, she’s freakin’ sexy! This look should be easy to achieve. Start out with a freshly picked fro’ that you’ve sculpted into a nice round shape with your hands. Next, hit up the costume store or a thrift store for Foxy 70’s inspired garb like a low back halter top with some super wide legged bell bottoms. Get creative with your colors and patterns. Finally, break out your funkiest makeup and go to town! Glue on some ridiculously long lashes and match your vibrant eye shadow to your top and swoop that cat eye out as far as you can get it. Go all out! Foxy B. would!

3. Miss Diana Ross- This is another hot chica with an iconic fro’. The bigger your fro’, the better. With this costume, you should really try to channel the solo Diana that was drenched in sequence and glitter. Go hit the mall and find a thigh length dress with all sequence in a smoking hot color like purple! And don’t stop there with the flashy glitter. Coat your lids in glittery eye make-up and dress those lips up in velvety red lip stick.

4. Rocker Chick- To achieve this Halloween look, think rock glam. You can still have all the fun make up you want but try to edge it up with black glitter rather that hot pink. Rather than red lip stick, try a deep plum. For your hair, smooth up the sides with an alcohol free gel (i.e. flaxseed gel) and pin it in place using bobby pins or 2 comb pins to create a rockin’ mohawk for the night. For your outfit, you can do just about anything. Grab some old jeans and rip them at the upper thigh (or higher if you dare) and throw some fishnets on underneath. You can even rip a few holes in the fishnets. If you’d rather maintain your sexy, go for a low-cut fitted black or dark-colored shirt. You can even find a studded black bra or bustier and a foe leather jacket (at least until the real partying ensues).

TIP: Remember, be creative. Its Halloween so anything goes. Try fusing some of your ideas together to create a costume no one else will have. These are a few ideas to get you started. Good luck.

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