Fro’ real!? -My rant about natural hair.

Everyone has been trying to figure out why natural hair is such a big deal! Why is everyone talking about it and making it seem as if natural is the only way to go? To us naturals, the answer may seem obvious. To newly naturals, the answer may still be clear. Natural hair is the hair that naturally grows out of your head, however it looks. That should be the norm for black women. However, side ways lace front wigs and slick down perms have become the norm. That sounds completely backwards. When I finally decided to go natural, I had positive and negative feedback. One of the funniest things I was told was that I would have to change the way I dressed and the men I dated because I wouldn’t look right in the clothes I wore and the typical man would not be interested in me. How can that be? Why would a man not be interested in me because my hair is in its natural state the way God gave it to me? This is why natural hair is such a big deal. The negativity that surrounds it and the stigmas are mind-blowing. My hair, permed or natural, has never ruled my life. Having natural hair for me is just that; for me. It’s about loving myself from the strands that grow out of my head to the bottom of my foot. All of it is 100% me. So if going natural is a thought going through your brain, consider what that would mean to and for you. And please, for your sanity, drown out all the haters that wouldn’t know their natural hair if it smacked them in the face!

5 thoughts on “Fro’ real!? -My rant about natural hair.

  1. Great, concise and honest post!


  2. Lawd, it’s crazy how you can’t even wear your hair a certain way without it being some type of political or life altering statement.
    People assume so much about others over the most superficial things..don’t get me wrong, natural hair for me is all that and a bag of tropical punch skittles..but REALLY!? People get way too caught up in this hair thing in general.


  3. I agree. Completely. Don’t get me wrong– I love all these natural hair events, communities, blogs/vlogs and so on, but I think it’s kind of sad there’s such a huge ruckus about it. And it’s not the people I’m sad about, it’s the point. It’s upsetting that us wearing our hair in it’s natural state is so foreign and unheard of and unthinkable in this day and age that people have to make such a big deal about it. So many people think of natural hair as “outrageous”, and regardless it being thought positively or negatively, there’s no reason why people should be thinking that way at all.

    People see you with natural hair and in their mind it’s the equivalent of having super huge spikes, a five foot high afro, or neon pink hair. That’s so ridiculous. It’s just hair. Our NATURAL hair. So why the fuss?

    Truly, the “kinky hair is bad hair” idea is social constructionism at it’s worst.

    Right now I truly think all these natural hair events/vlogs/blogs/communities/groups/webistes/meet-ups/etc are needed because we’re not yet at a stage where out hair is considered “normal” to society’s standards. It’s my hope, though, that in the future such things won’t be needed. That women with kinky type-4 hair can walk down the street and no one would even bat an eyelash (y’know, the way it should be).

    And ah, I got so into this. Sorry for the verbose comment!


    1. I totally agree. It blows my mind that black women will perms that are not maintained and are completely screwed up are more accepted than natural hair women.It confuses me. When I see women with perms, I just think that their hair could be so beautiful if they stop perming it and really took care of it. All other women of other nationalities celebrate their cultures, skin color, hair and beauty. why is that black women have not caught on to that trend yet? Kinky hair is beautiful. Dark skin is beautiful. Our full lips and bodacious booties are beautiful and its completely unique to us. Thats why i write on this subject in particular. I dont want to sound cheesy, but going natural truly changed my life in so many ways. And I want to give every black woman out there the same pride and joy to be black that I have. From my kinky hair to my brown skin. Straighter is not better. Being myself is better.


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