Perfect Last Day Braid Out Puff For TWA!

So after a long week with a fabulous braid out on dry hair, I still wasnt ready to wash it out and rock a wash-n-go. Instead, I tried a high pony puff. It came out great. The pony puff is secure, fluffy and extremely adorable. This style is super easy and convenient when you don’t want to opt for a wash-n-go but need something cute and quick. This style is best on a braid out, twist out or even a blow out. So try this style out and let me know what you think!

What you will need:

Sheabutter mixture

Wide tooth comb


A knee high stocking or a thin elastic headband

Spray bottle with water


Start by spraying the water around your head. Be sure not to soak your hair; just a mist. Next, work in some of your shea butter mixture all around your hair. You can also use alcohol free gel or flaxseed gel for a smoother look.  Put your head upside down and brush your hair upward. If you are using a headband, place it on your head and double it up around the puff. Slowly move the back of the headband upward to your desired height as well as the front. If you are using a knee high, with your head tipped over, place the middle on the back of your head. Cross the two ends in the front and move the front back and the back up to your desired height. Once you reach that point, tuck the ends under the stocking wrapped around your hair. Fluff out the top. Be sure the stocking isn’t showing and you’re set to go. You can also braid or twist a front section of your hair to add extra flare! Its your hair; get fancy. If you like this post and want to see more posts like this one, subscribe and follow me on twitter.

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