Braid Out For Your TWA On Dry Hair

Yes! You read that title correctly. I did a braid out on dry hair and it came out marvelously. At first I was thinking that my hair would be dry if I did a braid out with dry hair since it wouldn’t have the moisture from the water or conditioner.  Well I was wrong.  My hair came out perfectly moisturize and even better than that, it retained a lot of length. That’s the downfall of wet twist outs or braid outs; the hair shrinks as it dries so you end up with length that’s not as long as it could be and not as compact as a wash and go. While I do think this dry braid out is magnificent, it does have one minor fall back. This fall back may have a solution but this is my first dry braid out so I am sure I will find one with time or you guys can tell me your best solution. So here it is: Detangling your natural coif dry!  Ahhhh I know! It wasn’t as bad as it sounds but it did end up being quite time-consuming considering you have to be very gentle with your natural hair when attempting to detangle while its dry. On the up side, I experienced minimal shedding and just about no breakage. So break out your best shea butter mixture or if you’re a natural newbie, check out my favorite shea butter mix and braid away. If you are unsure about how to go about a typical braid out, don’t fret; its super simple! Or you can check out my step by step instructions! And let me know what you think about your dry braid out in the comment box below!

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