Top 5 misconceptions about natural hair & why none of its true!

There’s a lot of false information floating around out there about natural hair, transitioning and so on and I’m here to set the record straight. If you are a natural newbie or planning on embarking on a natural hair journey, do not listen to anyone that swear by any of these top 5 misconceptions. For me, it’s a general rule not to take natural hair advice from someone who has a perm. Its like taking advice on how to cook a thanksgiving turkey from a vegetarian. It just doesn’t make sense.

1. Natural hair is not manageable- This is completely untrue. Natural hair is a manageable as you allow it to be. With that said, natural hair needs to be taken care of just as perm hair does. While permed hair has the wiggle room of being able to be thrown in a quick ponytail, natural hair can be co-washed in the shower and worn in a curl fro.

2. Natural hair is too nappy- Natural hair is nappy! However, when taken care of, that naturally nappy fro of yours will be soft, curly, and still beautifully nappy. Now, it is up to the natural diva to decide if she takes that word nappy as a term of endearment or as an insult. Personally, my hair is nappy and I love it more each day; napps and all!

3. Natural hair is super low maintenance- Natural hair doesn’t need the 3 times a year chemical treatment. It doesn’t need to be wrapped every night to give it bounce. Natural hair also doesn’t need constant heat. HOWEVER, natural hair does need moisture and attention. All in all, while you can sleep with out a scarf, you should definitely sleep on a satin pillow case to avoid your beautiful curls transforming into a brillo pad when you wake up. You must feed your natural hair moisture! So for those who believe that you can decide to go natural by just throwing away your perms and that’s it, it doesn’t work like that. However, you can forget about all that chemical processing 3 times a year and the dependence on heat. Oh and you would also be able to come out of the witness protection program. Water wont kill you.

4. Natural hair does not grow- I know, It’s crazy! But there are people who really believe that your hair will cease all growing activity once the perm is taken out of the equation. Well, your natural hair will grow and it will grow in thick and healthy. If you just think about it, when you get a perm you have about an inch to an inch and a half of new growth each time. So, if you add all those perms up with all of those inches, it shows that your hair does grow in its natural form. 3 perms a year = 4 1/2 inches of natural hair.

5. Natural hair is not versatile- Once again, crazy I know! Natural hair is extremely versatile. One day you can have a natural fro and then you can change your mind and have a sleek straight do. Your hair becomes your ultimate accessory. Anything you can think of and you can have it. Straight, curly, fro, braids, twists, bun, pony tail… the list goes on and on.

Natural hair is what you make it. At the end of the day, its hair and just like anything else, it has to be taken care of and treated well in order to flourish.

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