Top 5 Ways to Dress Up Your TWA! For the Fall

Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to change up your natural TWA style. Here are some great ways to dress up your fall TWA!

  1. Twist out and Braid outs- It’s getting a bit chilly out around this time of year so its time to farewell to those wash-n-go’s. With that said, its time to roll out the welcome mat for twist outs and braid outs. So break out your best shea butter and coconut oil mixture and twist or braid your hair in sections at night and cover with a satin bonnet. Undo the braids or twists in the morning and you’re ready to go. You can rock your twist out as is or throw in a flower or any other type of hair accessory on the side to add a little spice. *Quick tip: When braiding or twisting your hair, part your hair on the side and braid or twist the hair in the direction you want it to fall when you take it out. So if you want a front bang, twist the front hair in a downward direction. If you want a side bang, then do a deep side part and braid or twist the hair to the side*

  2. Half hats- Half hats look amazing with natural hair and even better with twist outs and braid outs. You can do a chunky twist out bang and throw on a half hat. Plus, half hats come in every color in the rainbow and some. They compliment your outfit while keeping your head warm. What more can a natural diva ask for?!

  3. Fake Pony Poof- When your twist out is getting old, than it’s the perfect opportunity to try this “fake pony poof”. Take a thin scarf that is long enough to tie around your head twice and twist it into a long roll. Put the middle at the back of your head with the two ends on each side. Cross the ends over in the front of your head and bring both ends around to the back. While tightly holding both ends with one hand, push the front back to a desired position. Tie the two ends in the back to secure. Then wallahhh! You have a fake pony poof.

  4. Feathers for Fall- All summer, everyone has been obsessed with using feathers as hair accessories. It’s very boho chic. Well, this summer time style can easily work for the fall as well. Instead of clipping them in to blend in with the hair, try using hair accessories like hair pins and head bands with feather accents and fall colors like auburn, forest green and deep blue.

  5. Fall is made for TWA’s- All in all, the cooler weather provides us TWA divas with plenty of options to dress up our natural coils. There’s everything from hats, neck and head scarves to headbands and up dos. So my last suggestion for your fall TWA is to EXPERIMENT! Don’t be shy to experiment with up dos, hair accessories, scarves, braid outs, and twist outs, hats and everything else your natural little head can think of.

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