No-Wash and Go For Your TWA

Daily co-washing can really become a drag. So one of my natural friends suggested I try combining oils in a spray bottle with water and reviving my hair that way. I went out, bought a spray bottle, and began mixing and found the perfect no-wash and go spray for my TWA.

Fill a spray bottle half the way with water. Add a tablespoon of vegetable glycerin, safflower oil, coconut oil, rose-water and a few drops of your essential oil of choice. Store your spray in room temperature. When you’re ready to use it, start with dry hair and spray your entire head. As you spray your hair, run your fingers along your scalp to release your curls. You might have to encourage some curls with a twirl of your finger. Once your hair is moist with the spray mixture and your curls are no longer matted to your head, use a  moisturizing cream such as Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Sheamoisture or a creamy shea butter and coconut oil. Afterwards, you can style as usual.

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