Maintaining Your Natural Hair Fabulous-ness At the Beach!

So you go to the beach and frolic in the salt packed water. Once you get out of the water and stand in the sun for a bit, your hair will more than likely feel a little rough and dry. This is due to the salt water which naturally sucks all the moisture and goodness out of our natural locks. So what is a natural diva to do?! Start by packing an old t-shirt to soak up the ocean water once you’re ready to hit the board walk. Also pack a mixture of half coconut water and half water in a small spray bottle. The coconut oil will remain in liquid form since its warm outside. Right before you’re ready to spray those luscious tresses, shake the bottle to momentarily combine the oil and water; then generously spray your hair. This mixture should restore the moisture back to your hair. I also suggest bringing a light pomade to finger comb through your hair to help those curls bounce back.

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