Know Your Type!

Knowing what type of hair you have is important for us natural divas. Your hair type dictates your daily regimen as well as the type of products you use. For example, if your hair type is thick and kinky, you can not expect the products made for a looser and thinner curl to work for you. With that said my natural divas, I did a little research and found how hair types are split up, how to identify yours and what type of products will work best for you!

Natural hair type is determined by the curl and the thickness of the hair. So, 1 is straight hair, 2 is wavy, 3 is curly, and 4 is kinky. Letters A-C represent the thickness. For example, a natural diva’s hair could be a 3 c. That means that their hair has an obvious curl pattern that responds well to light weight products. However, their hair is very thick, therefore they do need to be sure they moisturize it with plenty of shea butter.

You may still be wondering how you figure out your hair type. For me, this is the true blue test. The next time you co-wash your hair, pay attention to the curl pattern while its wet. 2 hair will have a loose wave to it that will need scrunching and possibly a diffuser to bring out a deep wave. 3 hair will curl up easily and display tightly coiled curls. 4 hair will have a gazillion small curls that can be worn in an afro or it can be finger coiled to be more defined curls. The thickness of your hair is easy to determine. The thicker your hair the bigger it is. Thick hair tends to grow out while thinner hair grows down.

The type of product you use is very important and should be tailored to your hair type. 2 hair should stick to light weight products and alcohol free gels to hold their curls. 3 hair can use alcohol free gels or a pomade to give their curls definition however, 3 hair must be moisturized at least once a day depending on thickness. 4 hair should use a pomade to bring out their curls and moisturize their hair with a thicker moisturizer once before styling and once before bed. All hair types should sleep with a satin bonnet at night to ensure soft, luscious and bouncy curls.

While hair types do help us natural chicks figure out how to take care of our hair better, it should never sperate us or make one natural diva feel as if her 2 hair is better than another diva’s 4 hair. All natural hair is “good” hair!

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