Two Strand Twist-out For Your TWA

There is a huge misconception that natural divas that are in the TWA phase have to rely on wash-n-go’s until their hair reaches a certain length. WRONG! If there is one style that I find to be reliable when dressing up my TWA and fabulous, it would be a two strand twist-out. You may be wondering if your hair is long enough to even twist it. If your hair is at least an inch long stretched out; it is long enough. A two strand twist-out looks good on all hair types and it also extends your curl providing a fuller or lengthier appearance to your TWA. So, here’s a few tips on how to master the two strand twist-out for your TWA!

What you will need: Gel (if it’s the winter time)/Pomade (if it’s the summer time), Shea butter,Wide tooth comb, Satin Bonnet

1. Start with damp hair. You can either start off with freshly co-washed hair or you can use a spray bottle to dampen hair.

2.  Massage a generous amount of shea butter onto your hair.

3. Starting in the back with your comb, section off about an inch worth of hair. You can section off more or less depending on how big or small you want your curls to be when you take it out. Gently comb the hair. This will extend the curl when it comes time to take them out.

4. Split the inch of hair into two pieces of hair so that there is a piece of hair in each hand. With a small amount of gel/pomade on finger tips, twist each piece of hair around the other so that it looks like this.–>   At the very end of the finished twist, and a little more pomade and twist it around the end to seal the twist and prevent it from unraveling.

5. Continue this step throughout your hair.

6. Put on your satin bonnet before sleeping.

7. The next day, gently untwist hair and massage in a small amount of shea butter to give it extra moisture.

8. You can wear your two strand twist-out as is or you can add a hair clip. Either way, your hair will look fabulous.

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