How to Keep Your Summer TWA Looking Luscious and Frizz-Free

During these heat soaked days of the summer, our beautiful curls tend to get dry, frizzy, and a little crispy. Especially us natural divas with TWA’S. As the temperature rises, it seems to get harder and harder to keep those curls bouncy, moisturized, and soft. Well, fret no more my natural divas! I have a few tips that should make this summer just as enjoyable for your natural hair.

1. Condition your hair every single day!- You should already have serious conditioning in your regimen when taking care of your hair. However, the extreme heat tends to take more moisture from your hair than usual. Less moisture equals more frizz. So, double your deep conditioning from at least once a week to at least twice a week and use your regular conditioner daily.

2. Try swapping our that gel for a natural pomade I find that gel, even the ones that are not alcohol based, leave my hair dry and a bit crispy feeling by the end of the day. So I went out on a search for a pomade to give me the hold i was looking for. Pomades give your hair the same hold that gel does, however, you can use less without worrying about having a crispy feeling by the end of the day. It also brings out your curls. Try the pomade I featured as my product of the week; ttp://

3. Use your finger to detangle hair rather than a comb I found that combing my hair often separates my well-formed curls into a bunch of little frizzy curls. So, instead of using a comb, try using your fingers while in the shower or while deep conditioning to detangle any knots. Your TWA will be knot free as well as frizz free.

4. Moisturize at night with a natural moisturizer After a long day of being a fabulous natural diva, your hair is beat! So before slipping on your satin bonnet at night, moisturize your hair with a natural moisturizer such as shea butter. You may be wondering whats the point of moisturizing your hair at night if your just going to wake up and wash it out the next morning anyway. Well, just like overnight face creams, skin ointment and so on, your hair is very receptive while at rest. By moisturizing your hair at night, you give your hair 8 hours to suck in all of the goodness without interruption. Therefore, by the next morning, your hair is moisturized rather than the moisturizer sitting on top of it.

Start using these tips and enjoy your luscious curls all summer long.

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  1. This information was very helpful! Thx!


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