Fabulously Natural Bootcamp!

Once you have made the first step to becoming a natural diva by deciding to start your transitioning process, you may wonder where to start. Here are a few tips that I lived by during my transitional period. So strap on those sequined boots and fatigues divas! It is time for basic training.

  • Research, research, research! – get as much information as possible. Watch videos, look at pictures, and read blogs (like this one)! Read up on what to expect as much as possible. You should also find out what your hair type is. Your hair type will help you better understand how to take care of your precious hair properly. Every diva’s hair is different, so there are bound to be unexpected things that you weren’t prepared for. However, you will be as prepared as possible.


  •  Hide the heat- This step is I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T! Tuck away that flat-iron, blow dryer, hot combs, etc. Applying too much heat on your new natural locks can permanently alter your curl pattern; leaving your fabulous fro looking un-fabulously frumpy! If you do decide to straighten your hair it is critical to use a good heat protecting serum. Some essential oils are good or name brand products will do the trick! Either way, protect your hair and limit the heat.


  • Its time to condition- This rule is pretty simple. Leave-in conditioner, natural conditioner, daily conditioner, deep conditioner, your hair craves conditioner!


  • Killer sulfates- This is the enemy cadet! Sulfate is the ingredient in most shampoos and soaps. The ingredient creates the bubbles that we are used to seeing when we wash our hair or lather up in the shower. But, this bubbly devil is treacherous on our hair. Sulfate severely dries out our hair ladies! Not so fab. So try a sulfate free shampoo like Renpure organics sulfate free shampoo. And if you simply can not live without the bubbles then try a low sulfate shampoo like Tresseme Green.


  • Moisturize those curls! – There millions of essential oils, serum, and creams out there to choose from. How in the world is a natural diva supposed to keep up?! Well, everyone’s hair is different and its crucial that you identify your hair type. The tighter your curl the more moisturizer you will need especially in the beginning of the transitional process. Due to previous damage caused by chemicals like sulfates and relaxers, your hair is dying of thirst. You can quench that thirst with essential oils like olive oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil. Or you can use store-bought moisturizers. Either way, MOISTURIZE!


  • Don’t be a victim of HIHS!- Hands in hair syndrome effects many of us but we can prevent it.  Protective styles are important. They allow your hair to grow without constantly being combed and tugged and styled. So keep those phalanges out of that head. Try some half wigs (my survival technique), transitional styles like twist outs or braid outs, or braids.

**WARNING: If you choose to get braids, be careful! Be sure to tell your beautician not to braid too tight on your edges, they will break off! **

You’ll be ready for the big chop in no time!

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