Welcome to the world of being young, fabulous and natural! I’m embarking on a natural journey and want to invite the world to come along. On this journey, I will be testing out fabulous products designed for natural hair, trying out new hairstyles, cooking up some delicious hair recipes and making some FLASHY hair accessories and much much more! As a young fabulous natural diva in training, I’m going to be sure to recognize my fellow divas! Let me start this journey by telling you a little about myself and why I decided become a natural DIVA! I’m a 22 years young ambitious chicka. I started transitioning in December and I recently did my liberating BIG CHOP in April. I must say, it was amazing. I imagined sitting in the chair, pouring sweat and crying my eyes out at the sight of a kinky curly mini-fro. I was also petrified that I wouldn’t be attractive anymore, I would look like a boy and everywhere i went people would stare and point in awe! Then I woke up and actually did the BIG CHOP and realized that I LOVED IT!!! And since I loved it, and pranced around like I loved it, everyone I’ve encountered has adored it. I decided to go natural because I was just sick of living the lye and being unbeweavably broke keeping up with extensions. One day I decided that I was ready for a change. And I did. So strap on your fabulously bedazzled seat belts my natural divas and get ready for this incredible journey to liberation!

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