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Hey sis,

If you’re new here, thanks for stopping by. If you aren’t new here, you’re probably thinking wtf is ARND THIRTY and how did I get to this site. I started this blog years ago when I first went natural and, at that time, my intentions was for it to be all about that. As time went on, I became a mom, a student, a disgruntled adult and realized that I had so much more to say. After going on a hiatus, a very long hiatus, I decided to come back and change things up to match what’s really been going on this entire time. ARND THIRTY is about this funky, strange space of life that I am currently in where it feels like I am too young to settle and give up but too old to risk it all to chase what I want. Not quite 20 but not quite 40’s kind of vibe.

The content that was here previously is still here for your enjoyment (and my horror) because it’s authentically who I was and kind of like a timestamp of my growth over the last decade or so. Buckle in for this journey. Listen to the Ask a Black Chick Podcast if you want to. And send me an email sometime.

Read my latest post every week right HERE.

All episodes of Ask A Black Chick Podcast are up and live on all platforms. If you don’t know where to begin to talk about race with your friends, it is a great point A. 

Thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On

  1. I’ve had more than enough of that beyonce picture lol and idk y every one keeps saying she cut it. She aint cut it she took off her lace front haha. Oprahs magazine cover is awesome I like that one 🙂 I like the message you send out with your blog keep it up!

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  2. I have read so many articles or reviews about the blovger lovers howevrr this piece of writing iis actually a nice piece of writing,
    keep it up.

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  3. Nice post. I was looking at continuously this website exactly what fascinated! Beneficial information and facts especially the continue piece 🙂 I personally sustain this sort of details a great deal. I became seeking that selected facts for a quite a while. Thanks and best involving good luck.

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    1. That was incredibly sweet of you! I appreciate it!!


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  4. Just got your book 1st year being natural

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    1. I hope it helps and gives you useful advice!!! Thank you for your support!!

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  5. Aishia Rodgers June 17, 2014 — 7:08 am

    Hi. I’m new to the blog but already in love. I stumbled across from another blogger who featured you…I bookmarked you enough said! I have been relaxer free coming up on a year now..whoop whoop but still learning. Thank you for your information. I look forward to learning/retaining lots!

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  6. Do you have a great story about how went from regularly rocking all kinds of weaves – silky, wavy, Brazilian Remy – to being a straight up, bonafide naturalista? And, do you have the pictures to prove it? Share your conversion story at http://www.blacknaturalhairstyles.org. We’d love to hear about it.

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  7. Good job. Keep it up! Have a great day. 🙂

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  8. I love this ‘ask a black chick’ movement. I would love to be a part of it! Great blog ♥

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  9. I am so happy I came across this blog. I am a 33 year old white woman and I’ve had some negative experiences in the past asking black women about their culture. What was meant to be an honest curiosity was misconstrued into me being racist, so I’ve always shied away from possibly offending someone due to my lack of knowledge. I am excited to be able to ask questions in a neutral and welcoming environment.

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  10. Hello there, I just came across your blog and I like it a lot! I will be following you for sure!

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      1. You are welcome doll. I do have a blog that I would love for you to follow. I’m an AVON Rep and I post lots of good info. My blog is at http://www.dazzelme.biz.
        Thanks a bunch!

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